Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happiness runneth over

For the last three weeks I have been searching for a lost dvd. I looked in my room. I looked in the basement. I looked in the office. I looked other places that it was not.

I was getting a little frustrated with the sneaky little booger, hiding somewhere and not telling us where he was. So tonight, I told Clarissa (we're babysitting M&M) that after dinner, we were not going to do anything else until we had searched every single room in our house and found the dvd. I decided to start with the basement. On my way down, I stopped to look through the small piles of....things.....that are almost constantly occupying several of the steps. And surprise surprise, right underneath "It's a Wonderful Life" was our lost dvd. I'm happy:)

Not a very profound story.
Not a funny story, an inspiring story, or a sweet story, or a cute picture of a puppy.
But it made me very, very happy.
And I have nothing better to post at this moment:)

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