Thursday, June 30, 2011

trip: day 1

The first leg of our journey from Rolla to (ultimately) Buena Vista, CO began June 9, 2011. Packed into the minivan like hoards of young girls into a Justin Bieber concert (meaning there were a lot of us in a tight space), we (my mother, father and two youngest sibling...C and R left with the grandparents that morning) hit the road with excitement, enthusiasm, and lots of animated movies.

We drove to Kansas City, Missouri...the very place where on January 24, 1994, the world was changed...I was born :) I love driving around Kansas City with my parents because they are constantly pointing out places they used to work, or places that people I should remember (but don't, because I was, like, 5 when we moved to Rolla), or places that are just really interesting. We spent the night at my Uncle Dennis and Aunt Michelle's house (who lives in Lee's Summit, really, not Kansas City). They are avid Cubs fans, but we love them anyway.

Here ends my account of June 9, 2011.

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