Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a super-fantastic plan of mine

(...as if all of my plans aren't super-fantastic...ha!)

That's a joke. Hahaha.


We're going to Tulsa tomorrow, and we very possibly-maybe-hopefully-might swing through north Tulsa and stop at a couple of the places where they filmed The Outsiders!

Yes, you heard me.

I'm very, very excited.

I found the address of the Curtis brother's house, and the park where Johnny kills the Soc is right down the street, and it wouldn't really be out of our way to stop by and take a couple pictures.

I figure that now would be a good time to post some pictures of the boys ;)

Hey, it's Matt Dillon!! He plays Dally Winston in the movie, though he doesn't have blond hair as specified in the book. Mom had a crush on him when the movie came out. He's my favorite :)

It's Ponyboy Curtis, played by C. Thomas Howell!

He's the baby of the Curtis family, and he's super adorable :)

Sodapop Curtis, played by the handsome Rob Lowe.
Soda is the one character that definitely didn't get enough screen time ;)

Here's someone you might recognize...a very young and handsome Patrick Swayze!
He played Darry Curtis, the uptight, responsible, muscular oldest brother.

The gang of greasers...aren't they wonderful?
LtoR: Twobit, Sodapop, Ponyboy, Dally, Johnny, Darry, Steve
Notice a young Tom Cruise on the far right :)

After watching the movie, I told my dad that even with all of the fighting, smoking and cussing, it was the most adorable movie that I've ever seen.
(As a precaution to anyone who hasn't seen the movie, there is some language, and all of the boys smoke.)
Watch for pictures!! :)

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