Monday, October 11, 2010

a short story about a miniature heart attack

Once upon a time...

This past summer, on the way to an afternoon of Annie rehearsals in the dark, cave-like theatre lab at Leach, I was driving.

I was driving myself to my rehearsal.

I was alone.

I was driving the speed limit.

I was driving safely.

I noticed that a policecar was behind me..."No biggie," I thought, "Just drive smart."

Then...oh, horror of horrors...

He turned his lights on.

His lights were flashing.

Red, blue, red, blue.

Oh, great.

What do I do?

There's nowhere to pull over. I'll just have to keep going until I can find someplace to stop.

I slowed down. Way, way down.
I was practically stopped in the road.
Then, zippy zoom, the policecar is passing me and (can it be?) is pulling over the car in front of me.
I breathe.
And smile.
And try to stop shaking.

Happy Monday.