Sunday, February 21, 2010


The puppies are two weeks and two days old today.

I am driving....legally...with out an adult in the vehicle.

My sisters and I are working on a song for the OAT talent show.

I love the Blue Beagle (paint your own ceramics shop in Rolla).

Pride and Prejudice is getting more fun and more exhausting at every rehearsal.

I want spring to come so that we can open the pool.

I want spring to come so that I can go outside for extended periods of time without the risk of hypothermia.

I'm making progress on my duck stamp.

Colleges are sending me emails and letters left and right. Haha!

I'm kinda missing tap lessons.

My cell phone has been lost for over a month.

The other day I was thinking how nice it would be to live by myself where I could play music and sing whenever I wanted to and it wouldn't bother anyone. That would be really, right now, Matthew is sleeping...even though it's 5:45....and I can't play or else I'll wake him up.

That's all, I believe.

Oh! I just remembered....a couple at our church has a daughter that's a missionary in Thailand and today she had quadruplets! They're all boys! I thought that was exciting.

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